Frolicon 2018 Class Supplies

As promised! This is the class supply lists and instructions for both of my classes this year: Frolicon Fascinator Supply List -Alligator clips: -Felt circles: -Ostrich feathers: -Peacock sword feathers: -Rhinestones: -Foam roses: Instructions: Ostrich, Peacock and Rose Fascinator Fascinators can have numerous uses in fashion, cosplay, weddings, showsContinue reading “Frolicon 2018 Class Supplies”

The FANDom Nerdlesque Presents “S3nd N00bz: Game On, Pants Off

Let’s discuss video games. Our nerd community runs on a heavy dose of memes, D&D and… video games. I, myself, was a gamer throughout college, and enjoyed it thoroughly. However it had been a few years since I’ve been able to dive fully into the world so I took the opportunity to jump at aContinue reading “The FANDom Nerdlesque Presents “S3nd N00bz: Game On, Pants Off”

Irrationally Hot: Pasties, Pastries, & Pi (A Nerdlesque Revue)

Ariel Allegro’s production debut in conjunction with FANDom Nerdlesque was a fun, nerdy time with a lot of my favorite geeks from the Atlanta area. I brought Frizzle (because how do you have a science/math themed show without the Frizz?) by request out to play with such wonder characters as Bill Nye, Mad Scientists, Mathmaticians,Continue reading “Irrationally Hot: Pasties, Pastries, & Pi (A Nerdlesque Revue)”

Sirens of the South 11th Annual Vixen’s Valentease, Vaudeville & Variety Show

While I have certainly worked with Sirens of the South Productions before this was my first time appearing in their annual Valentine’s Day show. I was happy to be invited to bring back one of my older acts, a highly physical one that has been well loved by audiences and myself throughout the years. TheContinue reading “Sirens of the South 11th Annual Vixen’s Valentease, Vaudeville & Variety Show”

Welcome the FANDom 01/26

Towards the end of 2017, I was fortunate to join the Production Team for Atlanta’s  FANDom Nerdlesque, a sorta burlesque and performance collective that focuses on producing high quality nerdy shows for the Atlanta, Georgia area. After a successful Batman themed show (Under the Cowl, where I played Azrael), we set our sights on biggerContinue reading “Welcome the FANDom 01/26”