Dad’s Garage

Working at Dad’s Garage was so much fun! I have never been to the space before and being invited to work with such awesome comedians (part of the cast from Archer, as a matter of fact! A show I adore, so you can imagine how I felt) was very flattering. I got the chance to talk shop with the costumer on staff and was one of the first people to see Desire Evoquier’s Samus number (holy crap that woman can rock a merkin like no one’s busineess)! Once again reunited with Lydia Treats, watching her run a hose through her sinus cavity for an audience member to sip booze out of was so cool! I love watching her work.

Dad’s Garage is based out of a converted church, which is a dream I’ve always had. Mostly because I think that the acoustics in a church would be perfect for a theater space. I was totally right and working there has reaffirmed my desire to one day have a club in a converted space.


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