The FANDom Nerdlesque Presents “S3nd N00bz: Game On, Pants Off

Let’s discuss video games. Our nerd community runs on a heavy dose of memes, D&D and… video games. I, myself, was a gamer throughout college, and enjoyed it thoroughly. However it had been a few years since I’ve been able to dive fully into the world so I took the opportunity to jump at aContinue reading “The FANDom Nerdlesque Presents “S3nd N00bz: Game On, Pants Off”


New Years Eve 2018 with Burlesque Right Meow

With the year winding down I decided that this year, unlike years past, I would book a burlesque performance to close out the year. Enter the lovely Burlesque Right Meow team! I’ve worked with Sally Stardust, Murphy Lawless, and Scarlet Starlet independently but this with the first time under this banner. The host, Ego VonContinue reading “New Years Eve 2018 with Burlesque Right Meow”

Frolicon 2017 Teaching and Performance Schedule

Secret City Burlesque presents: Babes in Slumberland “Let us bring your dreams to life (and maybe your nightmares too)! Join Athens-based neo-burlesque troupe Secret City for “Babes in Slumberland” – a fun, funny, super sexy burlesque tribute to everyone’s second favorite thing to do in bed! And don’t miss your chance to get in onContinue reading “Frolicon 2017 Teaching and Performance Schedule”

Dragoncon 2015

It’s already been a few weeks since Dragoncon 2015… but let me tell you, what a ridiculous riot of amazing wonderfulness! Worked Special Events Security this year with an amazing team, a fearless leader and more man-hours than sense. We stayed fueled with pixie sticks, coffee, energy drinks and sheer silliness. Best Dragoncon volunteer experienceContinue reading “Dragoncon 2015”

Frolicon 2015

This weekend was A-FREAKING-MAZING. I could end the post right here and now and feel perfectly confident that I had updated you to the utmost extent. Frolic has always been my favorite con. Dragon is by far larger and more of a “big deal” but this con has always been near and dear to myContinue reading “Frolicon 2015”