Irrationally Hot: Pasties, Pastries, & Pi (A Nerdlesque Revue)

Ariel Allegro’s production debut in conjunction with FANDom Nerdlesque was a fun, nerdy time with a lot of my favorite geeks from the Atlanta area. I brought Frizzle (because how do you have a science/math themed show without the Frizz?) by request out to play with such wonder characters as Bill Nye, Mad Scientists, Mathmaticians, Robots, Nerd Girls, moonshine enthusiasts, and one baker who was very into his pies.

Red Light Cafe is the hot spot for smaller burlesque shows in the Atlanta area, so it was no surprise that Red Light ended up hosting this show. What was a surprise was that they had a pies-centric menu for the occasion! I had a wonderful time connecting with friends in the community that came out to see the show and was passed several pounds of citric acid from a friend because another friend was getting grid of their soap making supplies. Yeah. It was a pretty fun night.


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