Frolicon 2018 Class Supplies

As promised! This is the class supply lists and instructions for both of my classes this year: Frolicon Fascinator Supply List -Alligator clips: -Felt circles: -Ostrich feathers: -Peacock sword feathers: -Rhinestones: -Foam roses: Instructions: Ostrich, Peacock and Rose Fascinator Fascinators can have numerous uses in fashion, cosplay, weddings, showsContinue reading “Frolicon 2018 Class Supplies”

Irrationally Hot: Pasties, Pastries, & Pi (A Nerdlesque Revue)

Ariel Allegro’s production debut in conjunction with FANDom Nerdlesque was a fun, nerdy time with a lot of my favorite geeks from the Atlanta area. I brought Frizzle (because how do you have a science/math themed show without the Frizz?) by request out to play with such wonder characters as Bill Nye, Mad Scientists, Mathmaticians,Continue reading “Irrationally Hot: Pasties, Pastries, & Pi (A Nerdlesque Revue)”

Sirens of the South 11th Annual Vixen’s Valentease, Vaudeville & Variety Show

While I have certainly worked with Sirens of the South Productions before this was my first time appearing in their annual Valentine’s Day show. I was happy to be invited to bring back one of my older acts, a highly physical one that has been well loved by audiences and myself throughout the years. TheContinue reading “Sirens of the South 11th Annual Vixen’s Valentease, Vaudeville & Variety Show”

Welcome the FANDom 01/26

Towards the end of 2017, I was fortunate to join the Production Team for Atlanta’s  FANDom Nerdlesque, a sorta burlesque and performance collective that focuses on producing high quality nerdy shows for the Atlanta, Georgia area. After a successful Batman themed show (Under the Cowl, where I played Azrael), we set our sights on biggerContinue reading “Welcome the FANDom 01/26”

Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring how to write a performance contract! Many of us belong to a troupe which usually has an already set standard of rules and guidelines for working together. Sometimes, however, performers, for whatever reason, decide to work independently or freelance. Working for other performers and burlesque producers can be intimidating atContinue reading “Teaching Tuesday”