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Festival of Legends

Despite a tire (All Hail AAA!) blow out on the way up to Raleigh, NC, the weekend began with a late night arrival at Storybook Farm just outside of Chapel Hill. We parked the truck, trailer full of gear, and set up the three connecting tents -or “habi-tent” as Jeff dubbed it- in the wee hours of the morning and racked out. All three of us buried against the late Spring chill under a fluffy mound of blankets. That Friday was bright, cheery and almost depressingly beautiful in it’s frantic last minute preparations. Vendors arrived throughout the day, setting up shining white tents and beginning to set out their wares. Tiger of Tiger Torre Art arrived early and collected her due hugs. She was re-introduced to Evan, the tech lead for this year (honestly, the only tech person, there is only one “live electronics” stage at the festival), and I spent some time assisting her with her booth.

That night I walked the grounds with Jeff, spending some time gazing out over the silent field with it’s bevy of silent hawker’s stalls from the roof of the castle. It was quiet and peaceful… almost magical in it’s stillness and anticipation.

Saturday and Sunday brought rain to us. It was not the sweeping, dire and disastrous mess I know some might have feared. Fairies exist even in the harshest weather. Despite the chilly and sodden Saturday, we still had many through the gates of the wee castle where tickets were sold. Everyone there seemed friends, vendors that know each other from the Fairy Festival circuit and the crafts world, performers who have worked the same events for years, patrons that frequent the same types of events. If there is one thing that I will take away from this event, it is that: Family. I spent most of the weekend in a very low-key position, acting as general dogsbody, running errands, manning the coffee pot and generally behaving like the Genie from Aladdin (“Poof, what do you need? Poof, what do you need?!”)

I can’t wait until next year.


I am currently building a costume for a fetish convention party. I was asked to compete in their bartender competition (sweet prizes and a great crew) and to do so, I was required to pick a Horseman of the Apocalypse to represent. I know, I know, I’ve been Death before, but I wanted to stretch my creativity, so I went with my second favorite Horseman: War.

I dug around in my newly set up craft room and came up with the following treasures: red faux-pvc, red glossy Yule icicle ornaments, a pair of really nice paper-mache rams horns and, of course, metal scales. I’m basing this costume on a tiny premise, that more skin shown is better. This will probably be the skimpiest costume that my sense of decency will allow, but this is a fetish convention and this is a competition. One area I did not compromise one, however, was footwear. While I’m sure that high heels would have been sexier, I just can’t pass up the opportunity to wear my beloved Demonia boots.

Besides, how am I supposed to ride a white horse with stilettos on? Much less lead the hordes into battle. A little practicality, people!

Mongolian Archery: the inspiration

The past few months have seen me and mine engaged in a long-distance viewing of Marco Polo on Netflix as a group. It’s an immensely beautiful show with some seriously good plot points and just amazing acting, scenery/set design and costuming (oh, the costuming!). So when my live in sweetie suggested going to a Mongolian Archery workshop as a Valentine’s Day present, I of course jumped at the chance. I’d done archery of the strictly recurve, European kind as a kid, but this was to be something completely different.  I love workshops like this and this one in particular fit my rhythms very well: Up at 8, breakfast at the hotel, on The Farm for meditation, then shooting, then tea time, then more shooting, then lunch, then lecture, then shooting, tea time, shooting and dinner followed by another lecture, then retreating back to Jaap‘s (of Yumi Bows) beautiful house for beer and talking about archery, Chinese history, philosophy, tulip cultivation and just about everything else.

I was sad to leave but I am filled with an idea for an act, sprung fully formed into my mind while I was helping pull arrows out of the 26m targets, that will hopefully incorporate and share the beauty and skill I found this weekend in the middle of a pinewood forest, listening to the soft twang of a bowstring and feeling the joy as an arrow flew truly to its target.


I’ve been wanting to work my way up to a feather fan act for a few years now, but I’ve just never been able to gather the funds to go for it. I let the idea brood in the back of my mind, thinking that not being able to buy the props was sign that I just wasn’t ready yet… but lately I’ve begun to wonder about that. Being the proverbial “starving artist” is all very well and good, but how do you advance in your career if you measure your abilities by what’s holding you back? So I took a chance and decided to start a crowd-funding campaign. This will be my first shot at one.

You can check it out at:

Valentine’s Weekend 2015

Once again to the frozen North! This time, at least, it did produce my much missed snow. After a highly entertaining Thursday spent watching a live art performance (they turned a girl into a candelabra while wearing white clothes and being handed bowls of liquid wax by a man dressed as a fish monster a la The Creature From the Black Lagoon) and a drag show, then Friday down to my new favorite place, Richmond, VA, to vend my Foxy Fancies at a show by Blacklist Burlesque (and getting to pal around with the brilliantly talented ladies and gentleman that graced the stage there) and finally Sunday included a lovely visit with Tiger of Tiger Torre Art as she vended at Dark Odyssey’s Winter Fire in uptown DC.

It was nice to snuggle down in my cozy Northern Home for a week, but with the schedules for the next month being so insane and then the Epicness of April, I likely won’t be able to wander back that way until May.

Crafty Fox

I’m about to go and sand down the trim (a truly revolting colostrum yellow) in the room I’ve designated as For Costume and Other Nifty Stuff Making. The walls would be a nice pewter color if not for the eye-searing contrast of the revoltingly bright yellow trim. So sanding it is. Then I will bring all the boxes back in from the practice room (which is lacking a few shelves, but otherwise is almost perfect) and set up for good this time. I’ve decided to leave both the futon and the ridiculously overly-bright industrial grade overhead light in the room. The light, which was ridiculous for the bedroom this room was originally designed as, is wonderful for the craftsman. As most everyone out there who sews knows, dim lighting is a serious issue. I’ll then hang a curtain on the wall behind the futon and soon I will be able to film videos for both my Youtube channel and for this website. 2015: the year of new Foxy Frontiers.


Today is the 28th year me and my twin sister have been kicking it on this lovely little planet!

We were delivered a minute apart in Raleigh, North Carolina to a woman we call “Athena” and “Amazon” or just “Mama”.

Today my mother and her mother arrive to take me to lunch, Indian cuisine, most likely. And then my twin and I are dressing fancy and headed to the opera. Because we can.

Happy Birthdate, twin-of-mine.

The Inagural Post

Greetings and Salutations, World Wide Web! The Silver Fox of the South is now live and on-line!

New things are coming in the world of Silver Kitsune. A new state, a new home and a new identity as an independent performer.

I’m currently working at the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, NC for the 2014 season.