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Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring how to make glittery heels!

Every costume seems to need a new pair of shoes (if you wear shoes for the act, that is) and of course the pair you already own is a few shades off! While we would all love to strass a pair of shoes that perfectly fit every costume we own, for most of us it simply isn’t practical, either monetarily or time-wise. A good solution is to glitter an inexpensive pair of heels that fit and wear well to match whatever costume you might need.

This link is but one of many different ways to DIY a pair of your own customized glitter heels.

Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring how to make a basic bralette!

Bras are some of the most ornery lingerie items to make at home. While panties are relatively simple, any of those of us who have ever had to go bra shopping can tell you exactly how tedious getting a bra to fit for daily use can be. Add in routines that can vary in flexibility and energy and you are looking at an even more daunting task. However, there is hope! The basic triangle bra is a standard for classic burlesque costumes.

In this link there is a bralette tutorial can give you a good place to start!

Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring how to wear and secure pasties!

While the size, shape, composition and color palette of each individual performer’s pasties will change based on personality, costume, law, and the phases of the moon, one thing we all have in common is that somehow you have to get those adorable nip-hats to stick to your, well, nips.

While the weather/time of the year can change how each adhesive might work for you, the basic types of adhesive remains pretty standard: tape, glue and spirit gum. You can read more here!

Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring how to make a garter!

Garters are a sweet note in a costume that can be used to make a look a little more retro or to help keep up a wandering pair of stockings (although more modern thigh highs have an grippy backing that makes a garter unnecessary). While not necessary, -and really, it is quite difficult to have a standardized list of “must haves” for burlesque costumes- many of us enjoy having detailed lingerie for our final reveal in our bigger acts.

Garters can be personalized to match each costume and are really very easy to make!

Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring the stocking peel!

One of the most easily recognizable moves in burlesque, the stocking peel, like the glove peel, has almost endless variations that an individual dancer can utilize. The possibilities for creativity and unique expression can, therefore, be seen as the icing on the personalized cake that is a burlesque routine. There are, for instance, many different tips and tricks to extend the time on a peel (such as tucking a little of the stocking between your toes). Stockings can even be used to hide very small props, like a surprise release of glitter, to enhance the theatricality of an act.

The esteemed Jo “Boobs” Weldon’s blog contains a “Top Five” stocking peel videos that show the sheer diversity of stocking peels!

Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring craft adhesives!

As a follow up to last Teaching Tuesday’s post, this time we will be exploring the sometimes fraught world of craft adhesives. Some of us will swear by Gemtac and others prefer E6000 for adhering rhinestones, but what about other adhesive needs? It can really be an overwhelming topic!

This link contains a dictionary of brands, types and areas of use for a large sampling of craft adhesives.

Festival of Legends

This marks my third year at Festival of Legends, the fairy festival that J owns and produces. I was the Naga character again, something that amuses me to no end because I usually get mistaken for a mermaid, despite the fangs. This year the theme was “Dreams” and our logo was a dream catcher with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Native American Defense Fund, this year’s charity. You can read the full address to the public on the Festival of Legends website.

This year was hot, hotter than hot, pretty much one of the hottest days in NC that month. It was right up into the 90s for both days, sunny and beautifully clear. It was the perfect beach weather but really a test to how amazing the participants of FOL really are! They were troopers, making sure everyone had enough water, looking out for patrons and cheerfully enduring like they have done with winds and torrential rain before.

I had a booth for the first time this year! I was selling my bath bombs, my whipped body butters and scrubs as well as my custom costumes. My two boothies, M and D did a wonderful job and I spent most of my time running around after Jeff and checking the festival. It rained EXACTLY at closing gate time on Sunday, which neatly cleared the grounds. We went to the same post-weekend restaurant as last year, which was amazing as usual. I cannot stress how amazing this group is. The core group of participants that we have are a tight knit family and work wonderfully together every single year.

Frolicon 2017

The largest show I do every year is Frolicon. This year was no different! Two shows and five classes kept me busy all weekend.

First up was Secret City Burlesque, my home away from home. We opened the convention with a Thursday night show dedicated to all things dreams and nightmares. I built a new act around the concept of a seer that included a floor length gown that was leopard print with a burgundy lining covered in eyes. I performed the entire act with a lace blindfold on and a chain lead that I whipped around to great effect. This is the kind of crowd I can really let loose with and, being a fetish convention, they were very appreciative of the realism when I performed self flagellation. The bruises lasted for over a week but the reaction was well worth it.

After that there were five classes on Sensory Bottles (used for anxiety attacks, ADD and children on the spectrum, but in this case I have found them to be very useful in aftercare), earring building (I used the lock and key combo because of our specific setting), a class on fascinator building (this time it was black ostrich, peacock eyes and red roses), found jewelry assembly (where we used a ton of broken and mismatched jewelry pieces to build new pieces), and a class on basic pin up makeup (and let me tell you, teaching that puppy after a night of partying when you’re still at least a little drunk on a model who is in the exact same boat was a Herculean effort).

My show with Subterranean Cirqus was an amazing amount of fun as per usual. I love working with them so much! I am the only burlesque performer usually, but it’s a return to the roots of sideshow that makes me feel like I am really stretching my art. This year I brought on my bestie on stage once again, this time in a far more active role. We revamped my tongue in cheek tribute to Doms everywhere but this iteration with D as the submissive and myself as the dom. It was a lot of fun and he did so well! I actually used live steel on stage for the first time in a while. I usually don’t because of the risk to myself, despite my ability to use a knife in a knowledgeable way, and more importantly the risk that an uneducated performer might decide that the idea of using live steel on stage is an easy thing to incorporate into an act without a lot more experience and care. But the act went wonderfully! Next up I did a new Prince song (I just can’t seem to stay away from them!) to Darling Nikki, a shorter one but still following the basic pattern of my Prince numbers: throw all the choreography out of the window and fuck the stage. It just happens. I’ve learned to work with it over the years.

It was a wonderful weekend made even better by the addition of our pack girlfriend, who is a very spunky, kickass individual from LA who attended her very first Frolicon with us this year.

May Joystick: Musicals

One of Hysteria Machine’s smaller shows, this was a fun little romp at Joystick Game Bar in Atlanta. As it was musicals themed this month, I brought out my Ulla’s Dance act again! This time with the periwinkle blue gown. It was a pretty quick show, but the audience was cheerful and the acts were a delight. I got to hear Desire sing again, which is always wonderful. She’s got a set of pipes on her that I haven’t heard the like of in ages. She belted out “Don’t Tell Mama” and “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three” and managed to strip to them as well! Persephone did one of my favorite characters from Mel Brookes, Madeline Kahn’s Lili von Shtupp to “I’m Tired” (of course)!

I did a round of hugs and then booked it on down the road home!

Cosplayground Con-a-thon Nerdlesque Extravaganza 2017

Oh, man, this show! A larger cast than I’m used to working with, this was my second time with Hysteria Machines and it was a wonderful show! Everyone was there on time, in full face and ready to start! And so sweet and helpful backstage to everyone else. It was like working with a big extended family backstage at Smith’s Old Bar.

This weekend was also Momocon, so we had a lot of cosplayers in the audience, which was lovely. I love it when the audience dresses in theme! I brought my 1920s Gondor Fountain Guard from LOTR and my newly remade Ms. Frizzle act. I was pleased to be able to showcase the new Frizz costume so soon, which was redone with blue sequined fabric, stain appliques and rhinestones.

The rest of the cast was splendiferous! Just wonderful, everything from a Jay and Silent Bob (by Fritz Krieg and Sig Sawyer) to a truly astonishing Catwoman (by Nina Charrise) to the Lavender Brown number by Valerie N. Steele that I have been dying to see for ages! Spoiler: it was so good I was laughing for a good ten minutes afterwards.

After the show the dance party kicked off! It was loads of fun, despite a smaller crowd, with all of the performers dancing with (and on, the minute you start playing “Pony” by Ginuwine it summons Jack Calico like a living version of Beetleguise) each other and having a delightful time. #boyfriendJ actually won second place at the costume contest! It was amusing to see the stark age line in the room: on one side, people over 30 who had seen Greatest American Hero and on the other side the younger ones who had no idea what the costume even was, ha!