Welcome the FANDom 01/26

Towards the end of 2017, I was fortunate to join the Production Team for Atlanta’s  FANDom Nerdlesque, a sorta burlesque and performance collective that focuses on producing high quality nerdy shows for the Atlanta, Georgia area. After a successful Batman themed show (Under the Cowl, where I played Azrael), we set our sights on bigger shows and kicked off that goal with what we hope to be a far reaching tradition: a nerd variety show featuring acts from all across the Fandom spectrum.

It was a great night full of everything from Game of Thrones, to Spiderman, to Pokemon, to my own Long John Silver act from Muppet Treasure Island. (Complete with my very own stuffed lobster… because honestly, who has a parrot?)

Following the show was a small dance party where we cut cake, grooved to the spinning of DJ Discobrains (he’ll probably change his name again in a short while, it’s kinda his thing), and partied with Desire, Kali and Sig, our beloved Cerberus and the head of FANDom. It was a fantastic night full of love, pride and family.

I found my Atlanta Ohana, and I am glad to be home.



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