Frolicon 2018

As most of you know, I’ve been going to Frolicon since I started performing. I’ve been everything from a guest, to a presenter to a badge model and every year it keeps getting better. This was my seventh straight year as a guest of the con and it was probably my best year yet. Four shows and two classes in one weekend. And then I still had time to work in a couple of sessions… including my first time publicly subbing in the dungeon!

The first show of the weekend was with my old friends Secret City Burlesque as they brought the Netflix and Thrill show to Frolicon. I did not bring my Shaggy number to this second showing, mostly because I like to be a little edgier for my Frolicon people. After months of meaning to get around to it, gathering pieces and looking for the perfect place to debut it, I brought my Rebel Park Ranger to the stage. I asked #thatguy to escort me onstage, because my heels for that act were platform stiletto boots and he was dressed in his standard, all black ops gear. A set of rhinestoned handcuffs, flogging a picture of our current president (oh, the boos when that appeared on the stage, it was a hard thing to pack in my gear bag) and Rush’s “The Trees” = the perfect act of recognizing my past and honoring my fellow rangers.

The second show of the con was my first time performing at the storied Bunny Hutch of Dragoncon fame, newly arrived at Frolicon! A high energy gogo set with DJP (for the first time!) and a lot of hard work to make my very first Playboy Bunny suit, but I did it! There is a surprising amount of construction involved in such a small garment… I asked Sabrina Pandora, the grand dame of the Hutch which fabric I should use and she picked the silver fabric, even though that is traditionally reserved for the Playmate of the Year (my name is Silver and, hey, it was a great lesson for the audience!). I had a BLAST! DJP played YYZ for my gogo set and I danced my little bunny tail off!

The third show was with the good people of Candy Box Review’s Undress To Thrill show. I brought back my Tygre, Tygre act, which debuted years ago at this very convention! I suffered the dreaded #doublepastiepop, but being a big kitty cat… I just batted it off the stage while maintaining eye contact with the audience the entire time, just like a cat with a glass on a table. I love that act, mostly because it allows me to rock out to 80s hair metal while being ridiculous and rolling around while wearing fur.

Directly after that I went to the K.I.S.S. (Kink Infused Sultry Swing) with some of my friends in the community. It wasn’t my first time on stage with most of them but it is always wonderful to spend time with them. I don’t talk a lot about my fetish work on this site, but I really enjoy it. This was one of the first times I’ve done a pure fetish act at a non-private show. I combined edge play and blood play with my naturally dramatic stage persona. Came out as an angel, revealed spring-loaded wings, cut them off and then got to show off one of my favorite folding knives.

It was a wonderful weekend. My best Frolicon yet.


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