The FANDom Nerdlesque Presents “S3nd N00bz: Game On, Pants Off

Let’s discuss video games. Our nerd community runs on a heavy dose of memes, D&D and… video games. I, myself, was a gamer throughout college, and enjoyed it thoroughly. However it had been a few years since I’ve been able to dive fully into the world so I took the opportunity to jump at a pitch for the Video Game themed scripted show for FANDom. I asked my boyfriends and close friends for advice on which character I would best represent and Commander Shepard from Mass Effect won the pitch for me! I’ve never worked with EVA foam before so this was a whole new skill-set I needed to develop. Good thing… EVA foam is super forgiving and it was actually really fun to see what I could make from a sheet of foam, a heat gun and a pattern.

The costume base was an old wetsuit that I got in trade for a pair of custom heels several years ago. 14 zippers, 10 industrial hook and eye clasps and a lot of swearing later and the base for a fully break-away, strippable N7 armor stage costume was ready. I choose “Zombie” by the Cranberries and watched so much game play that I actually developed my own “ship” (Garrus and fem!Shep for life!) much to the excitement of my conWife, Firehawke. I even got a request to do a couples cosplay out of it… which to a costumer is, like… at least promise ring level commitment.

It was a three show run and it was such a great time backstage with a wonderful cast. Masquerade (Purgatory stage) really rolled out the great support and professional atmosphere. I like their new location, even if that weekend was kinda busy downtown for parking.

I love scripted shows. It’s such a fun departure from the normal line up and feels more like theater than just a recital. FANDom’s next scripted show is going to be Marvel themed!


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