Welcome to the internet den of Silver Kitsune, The Silver Fox of the South!

An internationally published burlesque performer with a wide range of acts, Silver has been performing since 2010 on a variety of stages throughout the Southeastern United States.

Spotted running wild in the mountains of North Carolina, this clever vixen was soon lured onto the stage with shiny objects and crunchy treats. They dived into burlesque in the same fashion that explorers have tackled uncharted wildernesses for millennia: because it looked like a hellova good time. With a wildly creative mind, a rear of nigh callipygian perfection and an inability to recognize the phrase “can’t”, Silver has been taking leaps of artistic faith in their acts since she first set rhinestoned heels to stage. Taking their name from the Japanese word for ‘fox’, Ms. Kitsune is an innovative performer who depends on their own mixed bag of dynamic artistic experience to bring about imaginative, ecdysiastic acts. 

As graceful as their name, Silver spends their time off-stage battling the forces of boredom, refining their performances and nerding out over multiple fandoms.

Based out of their home in Alabama, Silver Kitsune travels for performances up and down the East Coast.

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The Silver Fox of the South

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