“The Fox Of A Thousand Faces”

A feral figment originally from the mountains of North Carolina, this clever creature was lured onto the stage with the promise of adventure in the fall of 2010.

With a wildly creative mind, a rear of nigh callipygian perfection, and an inability to recognize the phrase “can’t”, Silver has been taking leaps of artistic faith in their performances since they first set foot in front of the spotlight.

Silver Kitsune is an innovative performer, producer, writer, fabricator, graphic designer, teacher, and trickster who depends on their mixed bag of dynamic life experiences and skills to bring about unique, unexpected artistry. An experienced burlesque performer/producer, MC, go-go dancer, BDSM/Kink performer, and lately novice aerialist, there are very few challenges on stage (or off) that this leggy vulpine isn’t willing to test their wits against.

With an aesthetic that shifts with their inspiration, Silver is so known for being able to disappear into their acts that they have been referred to as a “shapeshifter” their entire career. From femme showgirl to rugged ranger to androgynous announcer, you may pass Silver in a crowd at your next show and never know until the MC calls their name! Silver performs burlesque in a range of styles from neo-classic to nerdlesque, never satisfied with only one direction in their striptease.

This queer recluse spends their time off-stage battling the forces of boredom by refining their performances, tinkering away at Foxy Fancies projects, inventing new ways to harass their pets, flying their rainbow flag, practicing archery, and nerding out over multiple fandoms.

Silver Kitsune is the producer behind The Bifrost Arts Collective and a founding member of The Flamingo Revue in Charlotte, NC. Based out of Chicago, Silver also travels extensively for performances and can be reached for booking inquiries at silverkitsune3@gmail.com. You can also follow Silver Kitsune’s adventures via the social media links at the bottom of this page.

Silver’s office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm.

Silver Kitsune believes that all performance art is inherently political, especially for a performer that prides themself on their dedication to empowerment and betterment. To that end they support the following well-researched and vetted charitable organizations: American Civil Liberties Union, amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Disabled American Veterans, First Nations Development Institute, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, The Nature Conservancy, and The Trevor Project