ABSFest 12

What other festival do you show up at and they hand you a bottle of wine with your face on the label? It doesn’t happen very often, even for me. I did one of my favorite acts, the Commedia. It’s a romp and a lot of physical humor that I don’t get to indulge in very often. I wasn’t able to go down in the audience due to the way the stage was configured but I’ve done this number so many times that a bit of impov was easy to work in to fill that part of the choreo.

I also vended at this festival. Due to the dreaded Con Crud, I was completely sans voice the entire weekend so thank goodness that I had my oldest friend Katie there! Not only did she find the most gorgeous Air B&B for us to stay at (seriously, I would have rented that place out in a hot second, it was beautiful). I was set up beside the sassy Bella la Blanc and her fantastic 3D printed pasties. I was in and out of the backstage almost too fast to really hang out with anyone, which was also just fine since I couldn’t talk anyway, so I would have just been awkwardly sitting there… However, I actually got to share the stage with one of my favorite belly dancers ever!

I miss the mountains more every time I leave them. I got to stay at my parents with my oldest friend the day before we went down to Asheville. It was really lovely to be there where I grew up and to see my family.


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