Netflix and Thrill Show

The sweet people of Secret City Burlesque have always been amazingly supportive and friendly whenever I can make it to Athens to play, so when they proposed the Netflix and Thrill show this year, I was excited to participate! Based on any and every show on Netflix, the possibilities were endless… so of course I picked Scooby Doo for my first choice. I loved the show the entire time I was a kid (and lets be honest, even now, Scooby Doo never gets old) and I’m sure the obvious choice as a burlesque performer would be to choose either Velma or Daphne, but being more than a little queer, I went with: Shaggy. In fact I went fully for it. I hid brownies all over my costume and passed them out to the audience (yes, they were “special” brownies… in that I made them with applesauce and not oil, who would pass out actual pot brownies at a show in a state where mj is illegal to distribute?!). “Sex and Candy” by Marcy’s Playground was the song I used for backing and that was also a check mark on my Act To Do List.

Secret City has always been such a welcoming group to work with and the backstage vibe is the kind of comfortable that you only get from a group that has been working with each other for years. I got to share the stage with my work wifey, Candida Valentina as the Valkyrie to her Bo (from Lost Girl). Titianna Sprinkles did an AMAZING Attack on Titian number and I got to see most of the rest of the show from the side of the stage and the gang was fantastic as usual. The 40 Watt was a great backstage space to work in. I love having backstages where you have access to a sink AND a mirror (that is not a joke, washing your hands during makeup application is super important).


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