Frolicon 2018 Class Supplies

As promised! This is the class supply lists and instructions for both of my classes this year:

Frolicon Fascinator Supply List

-Alligator clips:

-Felt circles:

-Ostrich feathers:

-Peacock sword feathers:


-Foam roses:


Ostrich, Peacock and Rose Fascinator

Fascinators can have numerous uses in fashion, cosplay, weddings, shows and pinup looks. While you can make fascinators out of almost anything, this project is built on more classical lines.

You Will Need:

  • scissors

  • felt circle

  • hair clip

  • hot glue and glue gun

  • peacock feathers

  • ostrich feathers

  • faux rose

  • rhinestones

– Measure feathers against the felt base and trim to fit

– Hot glue rhinestones to faux rose

– Hot glue ostrich feather to the felt base, layer peacock feathers on top

– Hot glue rose to base of feathers

– Hot glue clip to the back of the felt circle, tips pointed to the back of the circle

Frolicon Sensory Bottle Supply List






Sensory Bottles

(also called “Calm Down Bottles”)

Calm Down Bottles can serve as a visual “anchor” in order to bring focus into one place when it may feel like one’s world is spinning out of control. One can shake the bottle as hard as one wants/needs (so don’t use a glass bottle), and this provides calming proprioceptive input to one’s body while also serving as a physical outlet. While one holds the bottle and watches the glitter fall, one’s hands and eyes are brought to midline and this can help organize and center the nervous system as well. And as one’s heart pounds and one demonstrates fast, shallow breathing from being upset or overstimulated, the slow fall of the shaken glitter can serve as a visual model that, often unconsciously, can slow the heart rate and respiration. Sensory bottles are useful for those wishing to anchor focus for meditation, for panic attacks, for aftercare session to help center and come down from a session and also for Littles to help engage in younger age play.

You will need:

  • Water

  • Glycerin

  • glitter

  • sequins

  • super glue

  • clear plastic bottle

– Fill bottle halfway with water

– Add glitter and sequins

– Add glycerin

– Fill with water almost to the top, screw on cap and shake to check the content

– Allow to settle, top off with water

– Superglue top to bottle


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