Crafty Fox

I’m about to go and sand down the trim (a truly revolting colostrum yellow) in the room I’ve designated as For Costume and Other Nifty Stuff Making. The walls would be a nice pewter color if not for the eye-searing contrast of the revoltingly bright yellow trim. So sanding it is. Then I will bringContinue reading “Crafty Fox”

Brews and Burlesque

I had an absolute blast playing with the cats and kittens of Those Freaking Weirdos in Richmond, VA. And I have to say, I am apparently ramping up my harassment of audience members, nigh half of my night’s costuming ended up in the audience’s lap! Brews and Burlesque was definitely a fun way to kickContinue reading “Brews and Burlesque”

The Inagural Post

Greetings and Salutations, World Wide Web! The Silver Fox of the South is now live and on-line! New things are coming in the world of Silver Kitsune. A new state, a new home and a new identity as an independent performer. I’m currently working at the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, NC for the 2014Continue reading “The Inagural Post”