New Years Eve 2018 with Burlesque Right Meow

With the year winding down I decided that this year, unlike years past, I would book a burlesque performance to close out the year. Enter the lovely Burlesque Right Meow team! I’ve worked with Sally Stardust, Murphy Lawless, and Scarlet Starlet independently but this with the first time under this banner. The host, Ego VonContinue reading “New Years Eve 2018 with Burlesque Right Meow”

Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring how to write a performance contract! Many of us belong to a troupe which usually has an already set standard of rules and guidelines for working together. Sometimes, however, performers, for whatever reason, decide to work independently or freelance. Working for other performers and burlesque producers can be intimidating atContinue reading “Teaching Tuesday”

Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring the stocking peel! One of the most easily recognizable moves in burlesque, the stocking peel, like the glove peel, has almost endless variations that an individual dancer can utilize. The possibilities for creativity and unique expression can, therefore, be seen as the icing on the personalized cake that is aContinue reading “Teaching Tuesday”

Frolicon 2017

The largest show I do every year is Frolicon. This year was no different! Two shows and five classes kept me busy all weekend. First up was Secret City Burlesque, my home away from home. We opened the convention with a Thursday night show dedicated to all things dreams and nightmares. I built a newContinue reading “Frolicon 2017”