Cosplayground Con-a-thon Nerdlesque Extravaganza 2017

Oh, man, this show! A larger cast than I’m used to working with, this was my second time with Hysteria Machines and it was a wonderful show! Everyone was there on time, in full face and ready to start! And so sweet and helpful backstage to everyone else. It was like working with a bigContinue reading “Cosplayground Con-a-thon Nerdlesque Extravaganza 2017”

Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring rhinestones! Rhinestones are a standard embellishment that are used to catch the light and provide a shimmering, dimensional effect on costuming. In jewelry, rhinestones mimic more expensive precious and semi-precious gems. There are several different types of rhinestones, different ways to affix them to costuming, and different camps of performersContinue reading “Teaching Tuesday”