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Drama Bomb Burlesque


In about two weeks, give or take, I’ll be debuting with the newest Alabama burlesque troupe, Drama Bomb Burlesque. Founded by Shay Blaze, a fun and multi-talented performer out of Birmingham, AL, Shay hit me up on Facebook a little while ago to ask if I would like to be be a part of a small troupe. 

It’s been almost two years since I was forced to walk from my last troupe -where I got my start in the stripteasers game- so I’ve been a bit leery of committing to an ensemble full time. Luckily the three other ladies that form Drama Bomb are also traveling performers. If there is one thing an independent values, it’s autonomy and professionalism. Working with Shay has already been a breath of fresh air compared to my last troupe member experience. 

I am proud to be a part of the birth of this new troupe and I can’t wait to write about our shows. This month we’re doing a free-for-all theme, September is a nerdlesque show, and November is a salute to our veterans! Come out and meet the gang!

DRAMA BOMB BURLESQUE can be found on Facebook. We will be at… well, you can read the posters all over this blog entry! 😸


Escape From the Holidaze, 12/26/2105

I may be a bit behind in chronicling my performances, but finding the WordPress App is hopefully going to make that so much easier!

For Yule my wonderful twin and sweet boyfriend gave me a train ticket to NC to stay with family. I then, on a whim, agreed to do a show with the lovely Hellcat Harlowe and her wonderful friends at Hattie’s Tavern in Charlotte before I had to get on the return train home.

It was a great crowd and it was so wonderful to perform with and for old friends. I met the fabulous Just Jingles and the lovely ladies of Glitter Bomb Burlesque and they made me feel right at home!

It was great to get back in the saddle in the town where it all began.


(Photo by Rober Baker.)

Monsterama 2015

This was my first year at Monsterama in Atlanta, GA and I really enjoyed time there!

I co-taught a panel on the Evolution Of Feminine Makeup in Horror Films with the graceful and knowledgeable Madeline Brumby, herself a scream queen! The class went wonderfully, with great audience response and the patient participation of Celtic Lion as the model for our final demo.

I am a recreational horror watcher myself, being none too fond of fake scares, but I do love watching how the face of innocence changes over the decades to audience perception.

I was happy to spend the weekend noodling about Atlanta with my sweet boyfriend, in to visit from North Carolina. He avoided the worst of the fall out from Hurricane Joaquin traveling home, luckily. I have a few friends in South Carolina that are dealing with the flooding. Luckily they are all okay, thank goodness!


Silver Kitsune, LLC

Due to the crack-down of Facebook on those of us with non-traditional names (ie, stage names, drag names, trans names, those of us trying to protect our selves from stalkers, abuse, etc) my stage name account was suspended pending “verification.”

One of two ways this could have happened:

1) Someone reported me as being “fake.” (Rude. malicious. Bad, no cookie.)

2) My page has gotten too “popular” and was investigated.

“Why” doesn’t really matter any more, honestly. What matters is that I am on the brink of losing 5 years worth of documented evidence of my blood, sweat, tears and hard work. About to lose the free platform of social media wherein I do all of my networking.  (I’m a “starving artist” archetype here, free beats just about anything.)

So, on the advice of the estimable Vernita, I registered as an LLC.

For the next 365 days, Silver Kitsune legally exists. She/I is/am a real person/business. We’ll see if it works.

For the princely sum of $25, I bought myself.

Random Foxy Musing

Exploring more avenues for performance has led to my purchasing and extremely low priced, introductory violin. Hopefully I will be able to glean enough from YouTube and online tutoring to make myself not sound like a wailing cat! I plan to learn more fiddle than violin technique at first, with the logic that entering into college will give me access to string tutors for less than a private one, but to an extent the fiddle can be learned by fooling about and learning my instrument.

I’ve also begun to take my body and fitness more seriously. I’ve always been more fit then the average couch potato, but I recently decided that I wanted more than that. I wanted an actual effort-obvious shape. So I’m gearing down to climb this mountain of “I’d rather sit here and costume than spend an hour on the treadmill” and I’m really seeing results. It has been perplexing, to be sure, working around an already stripped down and highly hippy-esqe diet, but I am working on it. It has been a boon to already have a yen for raw vegetables and health foods like quinoa and smoothies. Being 5’10” has given me a lot of wiggle room with my size, after all, I can carry a great deal more weight then, say, a woman 5’1″. Genetics have given me a naturally tall, broad shouldered and long legged physique with little strenuous upkeep from me… but I feel that, at almost 30, it might be time to see what would happen if I actually worked for it.

Frolicon 2015

This weekend was A-FREAKING-MAZING.

I could end the post right here and now and feel perfectly confident that I had updated you to the utmost extent.

Frolic has always been my favorite con. Dragon is by far larger and more of a “big deal” but this con has always been near and dear to my heart. Every year is more fulfilling than the last both as a performer and a professional. This year I was in one show (Thursday night with the wonder-fabulous Secret City Burlesque) where I performed the perfected version of my Dragon act. An act I’ll now be making “live” on the site for booking purposes. I was on one panel (Modeling 102 with Amelia Bareheart and Lady Julie), was a subject model for another (Modeling 201) and then finally was a model for a photo meet up (Modeling 400). I love sitting on panels and this is my first one since Dragoncon 2011. I always find myself surprised by how much I actually know!

And then last, but certainly not least, I competed for the title of “Bartender of the Year” at the House Renatius room party “Four Bartenders of the Apocalypse.” Now that… that was the party that retro 80s movies are made of. We had a Whore of Babylon, angels, demons, priests, some random hobo with an “end is nigh” sign and so much more. I had my two loves working as my “shots girls” both of them muscled men in kilts and a healthy splash of blue paint to mimic woad. My very own Celtic warriors! My fellow Horsemen -Death, Famine, Pestilence- really pulled out all the stops and worked their tails off as well, I only wish I’d gotten to try their drinks as well, but… well, we four put out over 2,000 drinks in two hours. I was having so much fun I forgot it was a competition until they pulled the boxes to tally the coins!

I won! A huge, red and crystal crown and a trophy that I ended up doing a shot out of (I still have no idea what booze they poured me…). I was caught *completely* by surprise, after all, I had designed very simple drinks with nothing more complex than simple syrups I’d made and brought with me from home.

I carried the crown around with me the next day, sans make up, comfy clothes, not a single f*ck to be given. All hail War.

I am one seriously gleeful, fulfilled, satisfied and exhausted fox.


I am currently building a costume for a fetish convention party. I was asked to compete in their bartender competition (sweet prizes and a great crew) and to do so, I was required to pick a Horseman of the Apocalypse to represent. I know, I know, I’ve been Death before, but I wanted to stretch my creativity, so I went with my second favorite Horseman: War.

I dug around in my newly set up craft room and came up with the following treasures: red faux-pvc, red glossy Yule icicle ornaments, a pair of really nice paper-mache rams horns and, of course, metal scales. I’m basing this costume on a tiny premise, that more skin shown is better. This will probably be the skimpiest costume that my sense of decency will allow, but this is a fetish convention and this is a competition. One area I did not compromise one, however, was footwear. While I’m sure that high heels would have been sexier, I just can’t pass up the opportunity to wear my beloved Demonia boots.

Besides, how am I supposed to ride a white horse with stilettos on? Much less lead the hordes into battle. A little practicality, people!


I’ve been wanting to work my way up to a feather fan act for a few years now, but I’ve just never been able to gather the funds to go for it. I let the idea brood in the back of my mind, thinking that not being able to buy the props was sign that I just wasn’t ready yet… but lately I’ve begun to wonder about that. Being the proverbial “starving artist” is all very well and good, but how do you advance in your career if you measure your abilities by what’s holding you back? So I took a chance and decided to start a crowd-funding campaign. This will be my first shot at one.

You can check it out at: