Drama Bomb Burlesque


In about two weeks, give or take, I’ll be debuting with the newest Alabama burlesque troupe, Drama Bomb Burlesque. Founded by Shay Blaze, a fun and multi-talented performer out of Birmingham, AL, Shay hit me up on Facebook a little while ago to ask if I would like to be be a part of a small troupe. 

It’s been almost two years since I was forced to walk from my last troupe -where I got my start in the stripteasers game- so I’ve been a bit leery of committing to an ensemble full time. Luckily the three other ladies that form Drama Bomb are also traveling performers. If there is one thing an independent values, it’s autonomy and professionalism. Working with Shay has already been a breath of fresh air compared to my last troupe member experience. 

I am proud to be a part of the birth of this new troupe and I can’t wait to write about our shows. This month we’re doing a free-for-all theme, September is a nerdlesque show, and November is a salute to our veterans! Come out and meet the gang!

DRAMA BOMB BURLESQUE can be found on Facebook. We will be at… well, you can read the posters all over this blog entry! 😸


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