Monsterama 2015

This was my first year at Monsterama in Atlanta, GA and I really enjoyed time there!

I co-taught a panel on the Evolution Of Feminine Makeup in Horror Films with the graceful and knowledgeable Madeline Brumby, herself a scream queen! The class went wonderfully, with great audience response and the patient participation of Celtic Lion as the model for our final demo.

I am a recreational horror watcher myself, being none too fond of fake scares, but I do love watching how the face of innocence changes over the decades to audience perception.

I was happy to spend the weekend noodling about Atlanta with my sweet boyfriend, in to visit from North Carolina. He avoided the worst of the fall out from Hurricane Joaquin traveling home, luckily. I have a few friends in South Carolina that are dealing with the flooding. Luckily they are all okay, thank goodness!



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