Burlesque Rhapsody: A Tribute to Queen

Few bands have shaped my artistic life like Queen. To a young bisexual, just coming to grips with who I was, Freddie Mercury represented everything I needed to know that what I felt was legitimate. His legacy also gave me a lot of insight into the problematic issue of bi-erasure, but I digress.

I also hold a very special place in my heart for the film Highlander, so because two of my favorite things collided in a single show, I immediately snapped up “Princes of the Universe” and, a song which always tugs at my heart, “Who Wants To Live Forever.”

This show also brought a new design into my studio: the Vegan Feather Fans. I’ve always wanted a chance to perform with the iconic ostrich fans that our profession is so well known for, however… they are usually quite expensive and so I was left with a dilemma. I knew that “Who Wants To Live Forever” should have fans, it is a song that was built specifically for a slow, heartfelt fan dance, but I had no fans and did not want to use the veil fans. What I did have was time. So I took the rather ridiculously large mound of old Ikea curtains that my twin had given me after one of her apartment redecorations. I was not prepared for the overwhelming response to their debut, but there was nowhere I would rather have debuted them then at a show on that stage.


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