February Drama Bomb Show

I’ve always enjoyed the kind of backstage camaraderie that seems to permeate the (usually cramped) back stage areas of burlesque shows. While our troupe is still young, despite the varying ages of the individual performers, we have already started to reach the point where we can drop and pick up conversations as the night moves along.

I’m enjoying the now familiarity of Buck Mulligans. It’s been a long time since I had a home venue, as it were. This was out last show in the main room. A move to the smaller, more intimate, secondary stage felt right to both the bar management and to us. The need to compete with televised sports, patrons just out for a quick bite or drink, and the outside world drew focus from the show.

Seeing Edie Bellini in multiple shows across multiple states is making me feel almost like I have a kind of work-wife at this point.


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