January Drama Bomb Show

It still takes me a bit of time to adjust to how different the weather is here in Alabama than what I was accustomed to for most of my life. This show was no different as we made a troupe decision to cancel the show due to inclement weather. I am not the kind of person to shame anyone in the more southern states for their inability to deal with ice and snow, but… it was odd to think that only a small glazing of ice should stop a show when I’ve had to crank up a friend’s 4×4 to get to a venue before.

That was in North Carolina, though, a place used to the occasional winter storm. In fact, I’m from the mountains there, where snow is rarely treated as more than a minor inconvenience. It was good choice for this area, however. While my hometown might have more snowplows than cows, here it is very dangerous for drivers to venture out on the unsalted roads.

And so we all, the lot of us, packed away our pasties for February and snuggled up for a warm night in.


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