Vegan Feather Fans

The iconic image of the burlesque dancer with gorgeous, fluffy ostrich feather fans has captivated beginning dancers since before the neo-burlesque revival in the latter half of the 20th century. As time goes on, however, our industry begins to focus on such topics as cruelty free and hypoallergenic materials. We are also in an era of far easier access to materials and processes for small time fabricators and inventors than we have ever been. Nothing will replace the history and beauty of the original ostrich feather fan, but there does exist a way to circumvent a debate of feathers versus feelings (and allergies) and still create the fan dances we see in our imaginations.

To that end I developed these fans (dubbed the “Vegan Feather Fans” after a joke about flying tofurkeys) in January of 2017. Built entirely from man-made materials according to my personal design specifications with durable, light weight, hand milled staves, these fans are available in different fabrics, colors, and styles to suit any performer. Foxy Fancies is proud to manufacture the Mark 3 version of their original “Vegan Feather Fans.”

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Please note that orders are processed in the order that they are received. The timelines for manufacture and shipping will be discussed during the finalization of your order.


I am not currently accepting any rush orders.

Notes before ordering:

  1. Fans are 48×24 inches, measured from base of handle to top of fabric feather
  2. Fans are heavier than traditional ostrich due to the longer, more solid stave. This is due to a fundamental difference in the “drag” and to provide greater structural stability for this unique design.
  3. Some layering options may not be available in some materials. This is due to the overall weight and aesthetic of the finished product.
  4. Bags for these fans are included in the purchase price. While they are hardier than their ostrich-feather counterparts, these fans will not fit in a standard fan bag. Therefore, for your convenience, I source custom carrying bags that will fit all fans that leave my studio. This bag comes with it’s own embroidered “Foxy Fancies” label.
  5. Your order also includes two “garters” to help store your fans in a closed position.
  6. Standard fans take two weeks from beginning to end to produce once manufacture has begun.
  7. All orders will be manufactured in the order they are received. (Your anticipated shipping date will be included in your invoice.)
  8. Please note that calculated manufacture time is for a SINGLE PAIR of fans. EACH ADDITIONAL pair takes 1-2 weeks extra.
  9. ENGLISH NET fans will take an additional time to produce due to their more challenging materials sourcing.
  10. All fans must be PAID IN FULL before production begins. This includes the anticipated shipping. An invoice will be sent to you when I receive the completed order form and have reached out to discuss any add ons (see bottom of page). I do offer payment plans but I will not begin manufacture on any order until the invoice is paid in full.

A Vegan Boa that matches your fans (in material and color) can be ordered at the same time as the fans for an additional $350 added to the purchase price. Boas include matching colored tassels and are 6ft in length. Your tassel color will match your boa color unless you have a multi-colored set of fans, in which case I will ask you to specify if you would like the tassels a single color or a mix of the colors.

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TULLE (lightest weight, most sheer):

  • Single layer (set weighs in at 2.2lbs): $325+ shipping
  • Double layer (set weighs in at 2.8lbs): $425+ shipping

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ENGLISH NET* (standard weight, original prototype material, middle opacity, only 8 staves):

  • Single layer (pictured below): [available upon inquiry]+ shipping
  • Double layer: [available upon inquiry]+ shipping

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ORGANZA (heaviest weight, most opaque, only 7 staves):

  • Single layer: $425+ shipping
  • Double layer (only 6 staves): $575+ shipping

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Add Ons
  • Contrasting Ribs: If ordering multiple layers, the “feather” ribs are typically matched to the shortest layer of the fans, but if the client wants, the ribs can be matched to the longest layer and provide contrast. (example below) (+$50)
  • Contrasting Stitching: If ordering multiple layers, the thread used to sew the edges of the “feathers” matches the layer color by default. However, if the client wants, the thread can match the other layer to provide contrast. (example below)(+$25)
  • Stave Color: The default, most available, color for the material used to mill the staves is white, but there are now other colors possible in limited availability. While I cannot guarantee that the color you would like is an option, please check “Yes” to this option in your order form and I will discuss it with you during the finalization of your fan order. (+$75)

Cancellation Policy:

Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of purchase (in the instance of a payment plan, within 24 hours of final payment) with no penalty, however after that time there will be a 20% deduction from the refund price. This is to recoup loss of time and payment on non-refundable materials (all materials are ordered within 24 hours of sale).

*Please note that ENGLISH NET fans and boas will take longer to manufacture/deliver because of the recent changes in United States tariff/trade agreements and their impact on the import/export business. Previously this material was available through a reputable wholesaler in Taiwan, but due to the current global pandemic and it’s resulting financial crisis, that supplier has gone out of business. Therefore all English Net will have to be individually sourced for each color. Please use the above form for inquiry and you will be quoted a price upon sourcing of the desired color of English Net. However please be aware this has changed the price significantly from previous orders.