The Naga

Naga Promo 1

Naga are seen in many different Asian countries, most notably those with Hindu, Jainism or Buddhist heritage. They are deity-esque creatures that take several different forms, though they are always some combination of snake (usually king cobra)/human. This particular character is inspired by the pre-Hispanic Fillipino concept of a naga, referred to as a “Marindaga,” which are seen as a mermaid-like creature with the bottom half of an eel or water snake.

With a brilliant red, orange and cream coloured body, fangs and pearls, the Naga character is versatile as either a land or water based performer. Able to be booked for audiences of any age, the Naga is a living, moving piece of art that will enhance any event.


The Naga character debuted in 2016 at The Festival of Legends in North Carolina. It is a versatile character that is equally comfortable in water or on land. For booking information, please use the contact form below!


The Silver Fox of the South

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