Villainous Vixens Show with Succubus Sorority

(Photo by Beguiling Shadows Photography) On a spur of the moment I contacted Memory of Succubus Sorority shortly before I left to travel to NC. Having worked with the Succubus cast in a past event, I knew them to be talented, welcoming and possessed of an easy camaraderie that felt wonderful to work with. IContinue reading “Villainous Vixens Show with Succubus Sorority”

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Raliegh, NC

As a part of my contract with Glitterfree Productions to apear as the Naga in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade to represent the Festival of Legends, I drove towards the North in a rented car on a misty Friday morning. I spent a lovely weekend in Raleigh, NC with my sister Hannah, and my boyfriendContinue reading “Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Raliegh, NC”

Valentine’s Show, Sylva, NC

Sitting in the Charlotte Airport, halfway between homes… This weekend I was delighted to return to my beloved Smokey Mountains to perform in a Valentine’s Day show. It was my first show booked for 2016, actually, the marvelous Onça O’Leary having invited me late in 2015. I miss my beautiful rolling hills and frosted peaksContinue reading “Valentine’s Show, Sylva, NC”

Alice in Wonderland with Secret City

One of my childhood favorites were the works of Lewis Carroll. I loved the sheer weirdness and nonsensical imagination of his fiction. Imagine how happy I was to be invited to join Secret City Burlesque’s production of Alice in Wonderland as Absalom, the Caterpillar! The black box theater on Georgia Tech’s campus was a dream.Continue reading “Alice in Wonderland with Secret City”

Escape From the Holidaze, 12/26/2105

I may be a bit behind in chronicling my performances, but finding the WordPress App is hopefully going to make that so much easier! For Yule my wonderful twin and sweet boyfriend gave me a train ticket to NC to stay with family. I then, on a whim, agreed to do a show with theContinue reading “Escape From the Holidaze, 12/26/2105”

Monsterama 2015

This was my first year at Monsterama in Atlanta, GA and I really enjoyed time there! I co-taught a panel on the Evolution Of Feminine Makeup in Horror Films with the graceful and knowledgeable Madeline Brumby, herself a scream queen! The class went wonderfully, with great audience response and the patient participation of Celtic LionContinue reading “Monsterama 2015”

Dragoncon 2015

It’s already been a few weeks since Dragoncon 2015… but let me tell you, what a ridiculous riot of amazing wonderfulness! Worked Special Events Security this year with an amazing team, a fearless leader and more man-hours than sense. We stayed fueled with pixie sticks, coffee, energy drinks and sheer silliness. Best Dragoncon volunteer experienceContinue reading “Dragoncon 2015”