Remember Wednesday

Today’s lesson plan has us exploring the thought provoking topic of diversity in burlesque. While there are many experienced authors on the subject, the topic of burlesque’s alternative nature and it’s ties to diversity is as nuanced and multifaceted as the very art form. It is a topic we shouldn’t shy away from or attemptContinue reading “Remember Wednesday”

Teaching Tuesday

Today we will be exploring the split! While a number of performers can achieve this coveted physical maneuver some of us are still stuck those frustrating inches (or more) from the floor. While it’s not necessary to include splits in choreography, working towards it can certainly improve flexibility, which is important to all dancers. ClickContinue reading “Teaching Tuesday”

Frolicon 2017 Teaching and Performance Schedule

Secret City Burlesque presents: Babes in Slumberland “Let us bring your dreams to life (and maybe your nightmares too)! Join Athens-based neo-burlesque troupe Secret City for “Babes in Slumberland” – a fun, funny, super sexy burlesque tribute to everyone’s second favorite thing to do in bed! And don’t miss your chance to get in onContinue reading “Frolicon 2017 Teaching and Performance Schedule”

Mary and Friends: Love is Love Show

I feel very passionate about being a representative of the LGBTQIA spectrum in the arts. While it is not always my first desginator (as what I am is as easy as breathing to me and as remarkable until I consider it) as an individual, being a performer means that I have a chance to representContinue reading “Mary and Friends: Love is Love Show”