Periwinkle: With long, shimmery, tassled boa, opera length gloves and a sweeping ballgown, this act is as classic as they come. Stripping down to the unanimously christened “Danger Panties,” this act has all the shimmy, shake and sass of a retro burlesque belle.
Hydrangea: In the desert late at night you see a flickering light… is it a vision or is it Silver wearing a veiled crown of roses and dancing to the Eagles? We’ll let you decide.
Black Dahlia: Not all fringe needs to be frivolous. Black stockings, gold beads and dark eyes, this act is passionate, sultry and seasoned with a hint of the dark side of the Prohibition heyday.
Orchid: A tribute to one of the most inspirational bands of Silver’s childhood, Queen, this act is a graceful fan dance with modern elements. Featuring the signature Vegan Feather Fans invented by Foxy Fancies.
Fuchsia: Covered in rhinestones and sequins, classic as can be, this early blooming flower incorporates expert and aggressive boa work with one of a kind costuming and choreography. High sparkle, high energy, and even higher smoulder!



Archangel: Inspired by the heavenly host, this act is paced with angelic grace and a big twist on the traditional spear and shield combination. Who knew those angels dancing on the head of a pin were doing it in four inch stilettos?
The Caterpillar: Drawn directly from the world of Alice in Wonderland, this dance is a tribute to our favorite hookah smoking caterpillar. Mutable with a surprise ending, this act is suitable for multiple styles of shows.
Christmas Wishes: Santa doesn’t always bring us what we want, but this act will make you want to on that Naughty List. A classic peel with a sweet finish, you’ll be hunting the mistletoe!
Commedia: A classic Italian theater fundamental, you’ve never seen the harliquinade quite like this! Acrobatic and comedic, this act is a sprightly jaunt down the road from clothed to nearly nude!
Reverse Strip: Indulge your voyeuristic nature a little with an act that’s a unique twist on a classic burlesque trope. A woman starts out in little more than a silken robe and then slowly, sensually dresses to go out for a night on the town. Also available in a Harley Quinn tribute version.
Rhinestone Militia: Long legs, peaked cap and take-no-prisoners attitude, this act is just a bit on the naughty side. Utilizing their signature red-lashed ribbon sword and a custom colored flogger, this act is sure to leave you begging for more.
The Dragon: Beginning with a delicate play of black gauze and glitter, this act steals across the state in a bittersweet wash of longing as a woman sheds her human guise and erupts into a spirited, modern dance to emerge at last holding dragon winged fans. Also available in a Disney version as the iconic villain, Maleficent.
The Foxy Bandit: This cowgirl is ready to hold up your hearts while they shake the trail dust (and their clothes) off! Available in classic rock, hard rock and Tarantino versions, this outlaw is ready to show you how the West was really won!
The Tigress' Rump
Tyger, Tyger: Have you ever wondered what would happen if you turned a tiger into a showgirl? With tease, frivolity and a little bit of flair, this act will prove that no matter what the size, a cat is a cat!


Cover to UNcover, A Lusty Literary Burlesque Revue, chapter 2-118.jpg
Aragron, Ranger of the North: A heartfelt and emotional act that encompasses the transition from Strider to King, Aragorn’s yearning for his Eveningstar is translated into fluid movement with a regal finish.
Azrael: From the pages of DC Comics, this former assassin of The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas is helping keep Gotham safe… even if it means stripping down!
BITNG’s Summer Bloodbath A Vampy Burlesque Revue-240(1).jpg
Gary Oldman’s Dracula: The most iconic modern representation of the Vlad Tepes, the costuming of Eiko Ishioka is translated into a gothic striptease that combines slow heavy metal and dramatic gesture into a mesmerizing reveal.
Gondor’s Fountain Guard: a 1920s twist on the elite soldiers of the Lord of the Rings universe this act is a seamless blend of high fantasy and high sensuality.
Fandom Nerdlesque's Infinitease - A Marvel Burlesque Parody! - Friday-16.jpg
Hawkeye: If Fraction’s Clint Barton hates pants on a regular day, imagine how he’d act if he actually wanted to strip? Imagine no more! Featuring nods to both the MCU and to the comic version of the character, this act is both acrobatic and militant that draws from Silver’s real world history as an experienced archer. Want to see a reveal like you’ve never witnessed before? This one is a bull’s eye.
Mass Effect: This act sees Silver Kitsune assuming the role of the protagonist Commander Shepard, paying homage to one of the most popular science fiction video games from BioWare. A fully armored strip to the powerful strains of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” this is an act that will delight even non-fans with it’s emotional movement and surprise reveals.
Ms. Frizzle: A fun and cheery act that combines The Universe Song with the beloved character of Ms. Frizzle, this act is a strip from glittery space dress to sheer rhinestoned panties. The quintessential cross between science and performance!
nightwing silver kitsune
Nightwing: An act sure to tickle the fancy of any DC Comics fan, this act was created to reference Dick Grayson’s background in acrobatics. There is a surprise prop twist to this act: A bo staff that turns into a vertical pole, sure to delight your audience!
Ula’s Dance: The Fox’s tribute to her favorite Mel Brookes’ film, this act is a titillating re-imagining of Ula’s song “When You Got It, Flaunt It.” It’s sure to make you want to hire your very own secretary-slash-receptionist!
Victorian Harley Quinn
Victorian Harley Quinn: A re-imaging of a crowd favorite, this Harley act isn’t like any you’ve seen before. Creepy and seductive, joyfully sensual and controlled, this act has been pleasing audiences since it’s introduction in 2011.

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