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        Silver Kitsune has been performing burlesque since 2010. They have a background in music, martial arts and costuming with an emphasis on unique design and neo-performance. Silver has a particular flair for the unexpected on the stage and an enduring reputation for professionalism. Taking their name from the Japanese word for ‘fox’, Ms. Kitsune is an innovative performer who depends on their own mixed bag of dynamic artistic experience to bring about imaginative, ecdysiastic acts. Silver has a range of performance styles ranging from classic to neo to nerdlesque to fetish and can adapt to any theme.

Silver also offers gogo dancing, character work, and dungeon staffing for events.

Silver has performed at multiple venues with numerous performers across the South Eastern United States and at multiple conventions including Dragon*con, Frolicon, Anime Weekend Atlanta and more. They was also featured in Burlesque Bible Magazine’s “16 Pages of Fashion”, Vol 11 (Spring 2015) for their costuming abilities.



    Silver Kitsune is dedicated to the furthering of burlesque education for the betterment of the community at large and offers a range of classes with an eye towards that goal. You can view a full catalog of their offered classes here.


       Silver can be reached for all booking information and inquiries at, through their Facebook page and through this website’s messaging service.


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