Crafty Fox

I’m about to go and sand down the trim (a truly revolting colostrum yellow) in the room I’ve designated as For Costume and Other Nifty Stuff Making. The walls would be a nice pewter color if not for the eye-searing contrast of the revoltingly bright yellow trim. So sanding it is. Then I will bring all the boxes back in from the practice room (which is lacking a few shelves, but otherwise is almost perfect) and set up for good this time. I’ve decided to leave both the futon and the ridiculously overly-bright industrial grade overhead light in the room. The light, which was ridiculous for the bedroom this room was originally designed as, is wonderful for the craftsman. As most everyone out there who sews knows, dim lighting is a serious issue. I’ll then hang a curtain on the wall behind the futon and soon I will be able to film videos for both my Youtube channel and for this website. 2015: the year of new Foxy Frontiers.


Did I see a Fox?

If you’re ever curious that you might have seen Silver Kitsune somewhere out and about (and were just blue-flashy-thingied into forgetting her name), check out the “Foxy Sightings” page!

This page is designed to document each festival or convention at which Silver Kitsune has appeared!


Today is the 28th year me and my twin sister have been kicking it on this lovely little planet!

We were delivered a minute apart in Raleigh, North Carolina to a woman we call “Athena” and “Amazon” or just “Mama”.

Today my mother and her mother arrive to take me to lunch, Indian cuisine, most likely. And then my twin and I are dressing fancy and headed to the opera. Because we can.

Happy Birthdate, twin-of-mine.

The Inagural Post

Greetings and Salutations, World Wide Web! The Silver Fox of the South is now live and on-line!

New things are coming in the world of Silver Kitsune. A new state, a new home and a new identity as an independent performer.

I’m currently working at the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, NC for the 2014 season.

The Silver Fox of the South

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