New Years Eve 2018 with Burlesque Right Meow

With the year winding down I decided that this year, unlike years past, I would book a burlesque performance to close out the year. Enter the lovely Burlesque Right Meow team! I’ve worked with Sally Stardust, Murphy Lawless, and Scarlet Starlet independently but this with the first time under this banner. The host, Ego Von Hubris is also someone I’ve shared a stage with and like the co-founders, also a lovely co-performer! New co-stars Nadira, Angelina Sophia, Ellie Quinn, and Santobella Spark made the backstage area fun and interesting with their stories and good humor.

I brought both my Hotel California Act (affectionately nicknamed “My Cat’s Quinceañera” because of the over the top and flowery costume) and my fan dance, “Who Wants to Live Forever.” The brewery has a charming tradition of dropping a large hop instead of a ball and toasting with some of their lovely brew instead of champagne.

I ended the show with my fan dance, which is a very emotional act for me and I was astonished by the standing ovation as I exited the show… truly a wonderful way to wrap 2017/ start 2018!

As always, Strangeways Brewery featured delightful craft brews that even my lovely date, E enjoyed, for all that he rarely drinks.


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