Festival of Legends

This marks my third year at Festival of Legends, the fairy festival that J owns and produces. I was the Naga character again, something that amuses me to no end because I usually get mistaken for a mermaid, despite the fangs. This year the theme was “Dreams” and our logo was a dream catcher with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Native American Defense Fund, this year’s charity. You can read the full address to the public on the Festival of Legends website.

This year was hot, hotter than hot, pretty much one of the hottest days in NC that month. It was right up into the 90s for both days, sunny and beautifully clear. It was the perfect beach weather but really a test to how amazing the participants of FOL really are! They were troopers, making sure everyone had enough water, looking out for patrons and cheerfully enduring like they have done with winds and torrential rain before.

I had a booth for the first time this year! I was selling my bath bombs, my whipped body butters and scrubs as well as my custom costumes. My two boothies, M and D did a wonderful job and I spent most of my time running around after Jeff and checking the festival. It rained EXACTLY at closing gate time on Sunday, which neatly cleared the grounds. We went to the same post-weekend restaurant as last year, which was amazing as usual. I cannot stress how amazing this group is. The core group of participants that we have are a tight knit family and work wonderfully together every single year.


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