May 2017 Drama Bomb

Our guest this month was the lovely Zina Czarina, another Atlanta native and a relative newcomer to the burlesque world. You’d never know it to watch her, though, because she is a firecracker on stage!

I had an extra bag with me this show because some absolute asshole broke into my fellow troupe member Edie Bellini’s car and stole some of her costumes! Why one earth?! So I dug through my costume stock to see what would fit her and brought it with me. Performers helping performers is what my philosophy in this business has always been.

The show went well, and even with some shouty audience members that were learning etiquette, bless their hearts. Edie pulled out her Jackie O number for this show, which was absolutely lovely. I shot a bit of video footage of it to show my Gran since she is such a JFK fan.


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