Cosplayground Con-a-thon Nerdlesque Extravaganza 2017

Oh, man, this show! A larger cast than I’m used to working with, this was my second time with Hysteria Machines and it was a wonderful show! Everyone was there on time, in full face and ready to start! And so sweet and helpful backstage to everyone else. It was like working with a big extended family backstage at Smith’s Old Bar.

This weekend was also Momocon, so we had a lot of cosplayers in the audience, which was lovely. I love it when the audience dresses in theme! I brought my 1920s Gondor Fountain Guard from LOTR and my newly remade Ms. Frizzle act. I was pleased to be able to showcase the new Frizz costume so soon, which was redone with blue sequined fabric, stain appliques and rhinestones.

The rest of the cast was splendiferous! Just wonderful, everything from a Jay and Silent Bob (by Fritz Krieg and Sig Sawyer) to a truly astonishing Catwoman (by Nina Charrise) to the Lavender Brown number by Valerie N. Steele that I have been dying to see for ages! Spoiler: it was so good I was laughing for a good ten minutes afterwards.

After the show the dance party kicked off! It was loads of fun, despite a smaller crowd, with all of the performers dancing with (and on, the minute you start playing “Pony” by Ginuwine it summons Jack Calico like a living version of Beetleguise) each other and having a delightful time. #boyfriendJ actually won second place at the costume contest! It was amusing to see the stark age line in the room: on one side, people over 30 who had seen Greatest American Hero and on the other side the younger ones who had no idea what the costume even was, ha!


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