Burlesque Beta: May 2017

The ladies and gents of Secret City are always welcoming and sweet so instead of waiting for them to come to a show in Atlanta, I made the drive to Athens, GA to perform in one of their Burlesque Betas. I misjudged the timing a bit so I wasn’t precisely on time (which I hate) but I did get there in plenty of time to change into my costume and get centered for my stage time.

Unfortunately I decided to bring the Vegan Fans act, which is a sweeping piece and requires quite a bit of room… and the stage was tiny! Quite a few audience members really got more fox than they were expecting with the fans flying so close to their faces, luckily there were no casualties other than my pride. I couldn’t see my stage, but that worked out alright, as this is a very slow act so it gave me plenty of time to figure out my steps!

It was a whirlwind trip but everyone was so lovely, I barely noticed the extra drive time.


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