April 2017 Drama Bomb

One of our sweet founding cast members moved to Florida this month, so our fearless leader decided that, instead of finding a new permanent cast member, we should start inviting a revolving list of guest performers to round out our shows. It’s a clever idea because it provides a good cultural exchange for performers from other cities and it also exposes our home audience to a wider variety of performance styles.

This month we welcomed Mary Strawberry from the Atlanta burlesque community to our home venue! She was, as usual, wonderful and adorable. I work with her often in Atlanta and she is always a crowd pleaser.

We moved to the smaller, more secluded back room of Buck Mulligan’s, which suits our vibe much better than the wider, more open front room. It has a much more Speakeasy vibe to it and the crowd is more intimate. Our audiences seem to enjoy the shift as well and the new changing area is a much cozier storeroom that seems to amuse the staff to see our glitter and costuming strewn about.


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