221B Con Show

I have been a friend of most of the cast of Hysteria Machines for ages now, but I’ve never worked with them before this. The opportunity arose within our collective schedules that I was free for the 221B Con show!

I brought both acts from the Monty Python show earlier this year, as they were appropriately British themed: my Ms. Frizzle act (to The Universe Song) and the Black Knight Routine (to Patsy Cline’s “I Fall To Pieces”). The cast, in what I would learn is a standard manner, were professional, timely, and generally a well oiled machine. Persephone Phoenix is a mad woman with a razor honed sense of responsibility and organization! It was just a delight to work with this cast.

And as a bonus, Curtis Armstrong (the actor who plays Metatron on Supernatural) was in attendance! This was his first burlesque show EVER and he loved us! There is a cast picture on my Instagram and it was wonderful.


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