Secret Speakeasy

After arriving a day early in Atlanta to hang out with The Chameleon Queen, Sunday night I performed in the inaugural edition of the “Secret Speakeasy” a new model of the “private show” idea from DJ Doc Q. The idea was that there would be no official invitation page and all sales would occur by word of mouth.

After gogoing for a set at the start of the show, I was treated to a debut act of Talloolah Love’s (a performer I haven’t worked with in simply ages), some social time with performers I see on the circuit quite a bit and a lovely view of a crowd that were dressed up for a night out.

It was good to put my Ulla act back on stage for the first time in ages and I had a bit of fun using the Broadway track instead of the film one, which is a bit longer. I put my makeup on in the sunny car interior again, since I was early to the venue (it’s a thing for me), which will only be possible for the next short time as it is so overly hot and muggy in the southern states I usually perform in.

After a satisfying weekend of work, I headed back to my own bed as soon as the show wrapped, eager to cuddle my fur-son and get a jump on the work for the upcoming month.


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