Mary and Friends: Love is Love Show

I feel very passionate about being a representative of the LGBTQIA spectrum in the arts. While it is not always my first desginator (as what I am is as easy as breathing to me and as remarkable until I consider it) as an individual, being a performer means that I have a chance to represent myself and others when on stage.

Mary Strawberry of Atlanta, GA is a producer who conceptualized the idea of a show that was specifically cast from a non-straight/cis spectrum. This Valentine’s Day weekend I traveled to Atlanta’s Red Light Cafe to perform with a cast of non-binaries, non-cis and non-sexuality-mold fitting performers.

Edie and I were back in the same dressing room again, as well as the sweet Candida Valentina, who I have also worked with multiple times in the past. I finally got to meet Diego Wolf, who I have only ever interacted with on social media before. It was a relief to pass on the earrings I had been carrying around for over a year to give to Dee Flowered, who is his significant other. I saw the ridiculous things, which resemble nothing so much as the delicate folds of the labia and clitoris, and immediately thought of a certain act of Dee’s, where she wears a clitoris hat.

It was also nice to interact with Bettie Bullet again, whose mimicry of a Midwestern accent never fails to make me laugh.


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