Mad Batter Valentine’s Day Show

This is my second year being booked by Madame Onca to perform at the Mad Batter in Sylvia, NC. This year it was also the second stop of a double header weekend, Sylvia being less than three hours from Atlanta. Before I set out I had a chance to sit in a meeting with my second troupe, Secret City of Athens, GA while I was in town, which rarely, if ever, happens, as I am based a state away.

A relatively short drive up into the mountains of my home state and I was sitting outside the venue, applying my makeup in the light from the setting sun. Since I’d worked at this venue before, I knew that there wasn’t a dedicated makeup mirror upstairs and my car has a comfortable seat to work out of.

The stage is set at one end of a longer hall that serves as a restaurant, our dressing area is an apartment over the venue so there is a bit of a sprint from one end to the other once our acts are over. This year is was much warmer than last year, so I didn’t need to continuously bother the kitchen staff, streaking though the prep area to gain the stairs to go change.

Ariel, Sera and our MC were sweet and welcoming and I got to chat with a budding new burlesque perfromer, Elle, who I’ve actually known in an around about way for years. I said goodbye to the group still munching our after-show meal in a booth and drove all night to arrive at my sweet J’s apartment so we could have our Valentine’s Day together.


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