It’s: A Monty Python Tribute Show

Will I ever get tired of the Dominion Arts Theater? I hope not. It’s an amazing place to work and the group that I work there with, Blacklist Burlesque (helmed by Moxie LaBouche), is always a delight to perform with.

This themed show was just as close to my heart as the last show that I was in Richmond, VA to perform in. Monthy Python is a huge part of my childhood, as it is my father’s favorite British television show. The hardest part of this show as choosing which sketch to parody for performance! The tricky part is that Monty Python, which performs fantastically as a script, does not always translate to strip-tease.

In the end, bypassing the Larch sketch, the Blancmanges from Outer Space, the How Not To Be Seen sketch and the Bruce Sketch, I ended up with a tongue in cheek act as the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail to the song “I Fall To Pieces” by Patsy Cline and a genre bending act dressed as Ms. Frizzle to Eric Idle’s “Universe Song.”

Oh, the chance to dress as The Frizz, an idol from my childhood! It was wonderful!

I also had a change to test the original formula for my Star Struck Whipped Body Butter, which was certainly high glitter enough, but a little heavy. (I finally adjusted the formula to exclude cocoa butter and it is now light weight enough to endure dancing without making me feel gross.)


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