Chinese Archery Retreat

After forgoing the retreat last year in favour of a gig and receiving all sorts of delightfully amusing photos from E, this year I returned to the bamboo farm on the far side of Georgia. There were many more people this time, including the coauthor of The Way of Archery, the book that was published by one of our instructors the first year I attended.

It was a lively groups, from many different countries and backgrounds. I reconnected with a few people I had previously met, but the best part was how… at home I now felt. You see, the first time I attended I had just moved to Alabama to live with my beloved E and getting my head on straight was still an immense struggle.

Jaap and Kay were, as always, fantastic hosts, and the newest addition to their household, Cimmarron, was just the sweetest fur-child you’ve ever met. I came home with a resolution to never miss another year and a new bow, who told me she was named Isabelle the moment I touched her. I look forward to a long time shooting with this bow and we’re already talking about how to improve the shooting area at our house.


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