Frolicon 2016


                           Photo by Dwivian

Oh, Green Lords and Ladies, where to start…

This weekend was amazing. I adore Frolicon, every year I go, it is always a wonderful time. Several months ago, the sweet people who run the con contacted me to ask if they could page through my pictures from a previous year’s photoshoot for the badge. I said yes… and then on Thursday I walked into the Atlanta downtown Sheraton and there I was, hanging around everyone’s neck! It’s a picture of me in my fox gear and it is a part of one of my favorite photosets. I ended up signing a fair few of them over the weekend and it gives me such a gleeful glow to know that one day someone will have a box full of badges from this wonderful con and one of  those badges will be me!

I love the new hotel. It’s roomy, beautifully laid out and the staff were both game for our hijinks and tolerant of our weirdness. My room had my sweet drag-daughter, Amelia Bareheart, my much loved boyfriends E and J and my best friend, D.

Thursday night I guest performed with he delightful Secret City Burlesque. The theme was “through time” and I pulled out my USSR inspired act (to Nero’s “Satisfy”). It was D’s first Frolicon, his first burlesque show… and I had him helping me as my “guard” for the act, talk about throwing someone in the deep end! I can’t say enough how sweet and lovely the gang at SC is! They always make me feel welcome.

Friday started with a swap meet (silly to get excited about at a fetish convention, but hey, costumes) and a tour about the Dealer’s Room, followed with a class on the use of props in modeling and photography. I was only assisting for that class, but had fun chatting with all the participants. That night I guested with the kooky, crazy and warm folks at Subterranean Cirqus. They’re primarily sideshow, but they like to have the occasional burly performer with them. Because of the tragic loss of one of the icons of the music industry, Prince, I rewrote an act to my favorite Prince song, “When Doves Cry.” All white costume with purple heels and purple lipstick. I don’t know how I got through it without crying… it was well received. J arrived that night and we had a great post show dinner in the hotel room with the pack, just talking and drinking a little.

Saturday was waaaay too early, but the room was filled with the scent of steelcut oats in the mini crockpot (I have been doing cons so long I rarely eat out) and E had to get up for his techops shift. So we all got up, got dressed and headed out. I opted for the charcoal gray suit I picked up recently and rocked the Gatekeeper hair. Everyone woman I met loved the deep pockets! (Trust me, it’s a thing in women’s clothing.) I had time for a cozy lunch with J, another tour around the Dealer’s Room and then a little more time to sit in on some classes before Amelia and I taught a class on stage makeup and hair. We are by no means professionals and I opened with a short talk about the racist and unrealistic standards in the beauty industry. A great start that then devolved into laughing insults and some really great crowd participation. Our models were so sweet and forgiving! (They looked great after, so they put up with our antics.) Saturday night we grabbed our walking booze, a sweetheart named X and went party hopping. Some wicked person seemed to know my weakness for cinnamon, because I don’t think I was without Fireball all night. We ended the night tucked into a group table by the pool with my darling Meredith Sparkles.

Sunday we cleaned out the room, packed our cars and spent hours saying goodbye to friends, new and old. Blissfully tired, I stopped by my secops boss’s house on the outside of Atlanta (being post surgery kept him from the con this year) and then trundled on home to Alabama.

Whew! Another year over… and I miss it already!


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