That Voice: A Tim Curry Tribute Show



I am very pleased to have a great community of performers that I have worked with on more than one occasion. The performers of Black List Burlesque are some of those and I have enjoyed my time in RVA.
This time I was a guest for a Tim Curry themed show that featured acts inspired by memorable roles from the actor’s career. I had chosen the characters of The Grand Wizard from Worst Witch, a campy Hallowe’en favorite of some and of Long John Silver from my favorite Muppets film, Muppets Tresure Island.
In my new (to me) car, the USS Pearl, I set out to drive the four states up from my current home in Alabama. I stopped for the night in Raleigh with my darling J and arrived at the farm home of Moxie and Dante in early afternoon.
We picked up Ray (our ever amusing and witty MC for the shows) on the way to the venue. And what a venue! A beautiful stage with a soaring ceiling, two dressing rooms ( I shared mine with the delightful Sherry) and a long backstage. We had pizza and rehearsal for a group number (a clever parody of the Cell Block Tango from Chicago using the various deaths of Curry characters). It was a great performace night, the crowd really getting into the spirit of the tribute and some familiar faces in the seats from my past visits to RVA.

On the way back to the sweet home of Moxie and Dante, who were kind enough to put me up for the night, a transformer blew and plunged the neighborhood into darkness. An exciting end to an exciting night? Certainly!

The next day the group headed up to Philadelphia to do the show part deux.  I had the pleasure of Ray’s banter to keep me company through the annoyance of the tolls.
The little theater portion of the larger venue we were booked in was charmingly cramped, with the lot of us changing and chowing down on Chinese in the unused downstairs side lobby.
The crowd was small, but lively and engaged and appreciative of the effort put forth by all the performers. Luckily we entered at the back of the venue, so I was able to watch some of the other performances. What talent! I love being part of a dedicated cast who are all really into their theme.

It was a wrench to leave such a jolly lot, but peeling off my false lashes, I loaded up my trusty steed and drove overnight to J’s home in Raleigh.


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