Villainous Vixens Show with Succubus Sorority


(Photo by Beguiling Shadows Photography)

On a spur of the moment I contacted Memory of Succubus Sorority shortly before I left to travel to NC. Having worked with the Succubus cast in a past event, I knew them to be talented, welcoming and possessed of an easy camaraderie that felt wonderful to work with.
I was finally able to meet the leader/founder Violet as well as some new faces like Dakota and their sweet stage kitten. I reunited with Memory, Stretch, Adrenaline and others and was pleased to find them just as welcoming and professional as previously.
I’ve never worked at Legends in Raliegh before… and let me tell you, it is lovely! A full, if small stage with curtains, an extendable runway and layered seating that was a joy to work with. I brought out my Maleficent/Dragon Act again as well as a new act, modeled on one of my standards: a reverse strip into the classic Harley Quinn bodysuit. It was extremely well received and I am looking forward to showing it at other venues.
A lovely wrap up, a final round of hugs and I walked my twin (she really is my biggest fan) back to her car and rejoined Jeff to head back home. The next day I headed back to my other home in Alabama, full of good cheer and good burlesque.


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