Valentine’s Show, Sylva, NC

Sitting in the Charlotte Airport, halfway between homes…

This weekend I was delighted to return to my beloved Smokey Mountains to perform in a Valentine’s Day show. It was my first show booked for 2016, actually, the marvelous Onça O’Leary having invited me late in 2015.

I miss my beautiful rolling hills and frosted peaks and having been quite put out over the lack of snow this past year (honestly, I feel quite left out not being able to add my own nekkid snow selfie to those of my ecdysiast friends!) in my current home of Alabama, I didn’t even mind the cold.

I shared the stage with a really lovely cast of performers:
Claire Dima, whose thoughtful piece on gender expectations was gracefully done and who also rocked out Egyptian tradional style to a Beastie Boys song.
– Logan Novgrod who is an amazing fan-veil dancer, shimmier and all around sweetheart (she even brought her boa with her,  just as sweet as her keeper and far more affectionate then my own grumpy gentleman snake back home).
– and our amusing, witty and talented MC, the lovely Valerie Meiss
-Our lovely and attentive stage kitten Ms. S

I did three sets and let me tell you. Rarely have I performed in a more smoothly running and quickly paced show. The audience was polite and kind and the food at the Mad
Batter was delightful.

I was accompanied by my darling boyfriend, J, whose unfailing patience and even delight at being a burlesque widow never ceases to fill me with gratitude and love. This will be my second Valentine’s with him and each time there has been my beloved snow. ♡

The next morning we rolled out of bed super early and sprinted down the road to support the whisical and talented Browncoat Bellydance Troupe, who were filming a promotional video in the charming theatre, The Strand. As you know, my nerd is strong within and watching several gorgeous women perform to themed acts and music from various fandoms was a treat well worth the early morning.

And then the quick drive out of the mountains (which always slightly breaks my heart to do) to the Bull City Ciderworks in Durham, NC for a bottle of cider and vendor schmoozing (the most divine cupcake vendor was found) for my position as Media Coordinator for the fun fulled NC fairy festival, Festival of Legends… a speedy photoshoot once home to announce the launch of this year’s t-shirts and then an exhausted flop into bed.

Luckily the next day was a snow day (ice, rather) and so I was able to spend the day with my sweet fur-niece, Zoey, my twin and J. We adventured forth over the slippery streets to stock up at the store and I then spent the rest of the visit cooking for the house and watching X-Files.

Truly, a wonderful Valentine’s Day trip.❤



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