Speakeasy Electroswing Atlanta

On Friday I had a wonderful time with my fellow burlesque heathens (of the Atlanta persuasion) at the Red Light Cafe. The Speakeasy Electroswing is a wonderful little club night style show run by Doc Q, a DJ known for his steampunk style and unique musical mixes.

I reprised my Dark Flapper number ( the song is Jack White’s “Love Is Blindness” from the Great Gatsby soundtrack) for the first in in Atlanta. The energy was fantastic!

It was just a wonderful time, getting to perform with Nina Charisse, Sunshine Devine and Lola Deveux, two of whom I’ve never gotten to share a stage with before!

After a great set, I returned to gogo to one of my favorite swing remixes, The Correspondants’ cover of “I Wanna Be Like You”. Q put together some really fun tracks for me, most of them adorably animal themed.

It was a great night, something I have come to expect from my guest appearances in Atlanta.


           (Photo by Miss Carmen Corazon.)


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