Alice in Wonderland with Secret City

One of my childhood favorites were the works of Lewis Carroll. I loved the sheer weirdness and nonsensical imagination of his fiction.

Imagine how happy I was to be invited to join Secret City Burlesque’s production of Alice in Wonderland as Absalom, the Caterpillar!

The black box theater on Georgia Tech’s campus was a dream. A full crew, professional lighting and a wonderful dressing room. The actual cast of Secret City are simply a delight to work with, all of them charming and pleasent, definately a tightly running ship. I was made to feel right at home.

The costume I created just for this show was a challenge to myself, but I love it. Stretch glitter fabric with thin rose gold complimentary flag material, fringe accents and curling, rhinesoned antenna. I also added sfx pointed ears and used my vape (nothing but clouds and rose oil for this fox!) to really complete the look. For a surprise touch I maufactured a small backpack with clear straps that help a pair of wings folded inside. I have to say, I was really pleased with that little feat of engineering. You lot know the sting of a brilliant idea turning out meh, but this actually did exactly what I wanted it to, imagine!

The only dim spot was that I lost a pastie on stage, oh, the horror! Well… maybe… Apparently not a single person in audience noticed and I was able to reach down, scoop it up and stick it back on!!! Most assuredly, I leveled up as a perfomer that night!

After a great show, the whole cast went out for dinner and I was home to snuggle the dogponies in short order. Check one thing off the box of my “stripper’s show list”!


(Above photo is a selfie with Ms Wicked, the Cheshire Cat who graciously let me do her makeup.)


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