Dragoncon 2015

It’s already been a few weeks since Dragoncon 2015… but let me tell you, what a ridiculous riot of amazing wonderfulness!

Worked Special Events Security this year with an amazing team, a fearless leader and more man-hours than sense. We stayed fueled with pixie sticks, coffee, energy drinks and sheer silliness. Best Dragoncon volunteer experience I have had yet, I must say!

I was invited to sit on the Kink 201 panel in the Hilton this year. This was my second panel at Dragoncon and wholly different from my first (Orientlism in Burlesque). I had a lovely time speaking with my peers. I adore any chance to advance education and this panel definately lived up to expectations. I can only thank the lovely men and women (and those who have yet to make up their minds!) who made it possible, who sat with me and who attended.

I passed out a trio of cosplays to the lovely Amelia Bareheart. Hannah had two and Jeff was splendid and ecstatic in his singular cosplay! I myself only had time for two, one old and one new, but I did have a chance to have my picture taken multiple times with young children when I wore my Princess Bubblegum cosplay!


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