On the Subject of Caitlyn Jenner

A lot of media insanity surrounded the appearance of Caitlyn Jenner as her transformation was revealed on a magazine cover… I posted this originally on my Facebook, but I am sharing it here again.

“I just made the mistake of reading an ubërconservative blog post about Caitlyn Jenner. I… whoa. People actually think like that?!

My mother once mused that she had, perhaps, done her children a disservice by raising us as she did, with no concept of sexism/racism/religious intolerance or sexual orientation issues. Because none of us really “get” any of those things. We kinda roll our eyes and think “so what, why the fuss, just stop being stupid, you guys.” It makes conversations with me a little off sometimes. People want to have sincere debates and I am simply “Stop trying to convince me, I don’t know why people fight about this. It’s obvious that all people should be treated equally and well. Why can’t they just do it already, it will happen anyway.” And then I go back to whatever I’m doing. (YES, I KNOW WE MUST STILL FIGHT FOR THESE THINGS. THIS IS A POST ABOUT FEELINGS, NOT HOW I THINK AND ACT. VIVA LA REVOLUTION.)

And then something like the Jenner debate (why debate, really? So she is now externally what she was internally. Do we freak out about butterflies?) comes along and I try to be constantly and publically thoughtful and militantly pro-transsexual (some of the bravest fucking people on the planet) and condemn the nay sayers… but I still don’t “get it.” I am confused when I get treated differently because I’m a woman because my upbringing makes that reason the third or even fourth down the list of reasons why. And bewildered when others are treated poorly because they want to be free to be happy.

Intellectually, I know what is right and good.

I know gay rights (really, they’re just regular rights, I can’t figure out why we can’t just all have them), transphobia, racism, sexism, religious persecution and all manner of terrible things are serious issues. And I defend/stand up/vote for and discuss them on the side of tolerance. Always have, always will.

But I guess in my heart of hearts this bisexual, gender neutral, pantheistic, polyamourous exotic dancer will just never really “get it.””


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